Parties must be booked at least a week in advance. E-mail for last minute celebrations. ONLY the party deposit may be paid on-line. The party balance is paid at the gym, during the party, by debit only. Please, call the gym to make any adjustments to the party package food/drink OR to add extra play time
Private Gym Rental Tues.-Thurs. : $300.00 for up to 10 people
Private Gym Rental
Tues.-Thurs.: $300 + tax
Private Gym Time:
9:30 AM- 12:00 PM
Gym Rental for parent/kid groups, schools, daycares, camps & parties.
A Private Gym Rental Includes:
• 10 people (children & adults)
• Each extra person $5 + tax (max 100 people)
• FREE coffee/tea
• Host to help welcome guests and clean-up
• Private Large Party Room and Eating Area
• Private Gym Areas, Balls, Gym Equipment, Structures & Slides
• The Toddler Room is for children under 3 years
• On-Line Party Invitations (with gym waiver link)
• $150 deposit needed to book
Private Gym Rental Tues.-Thurs.